Small Engine Resources

When in good running tune, a small engine should start on five pulls or less. If yours is hard to start, this article may help:

small engine carburetor problems and repair

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If you're on a tight budget, Chinese-built Honda clones are really a good deal for the money. But which one is best?

best honda clone engine

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Best Gas For Small Engines

Unless you will be using it up within a week or two, avoid buying ethanol-blended gas. Pump gas that is ethanol-free is much better for small engines. If you don't need a lot, consider canned gas, which is convenient but more expensive than pump gas.

best canned fuel for small engines

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Compared to a centrifugal clutch, torque converters offer better acceleration from a stand-still. They also allow karts to be geared for a higher top speed.

small engine resources

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Some performance upgrades are stand-alone, meaning they will improve power by themselves. Some parts require a combination of things to be most effective.

small engine performance mods

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Everyone who sees an old gas engine lying around says,

"Make a go kart out of it!"

small engine project ideas

But there's plenty of other choices for a small engine project.

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With the exception of price, a Honda GX160/GX200 is better in every way than the best Honda clone engines. The additional cost will pay for itself in longevity and the ability to be rebuilt.

best honda gas engine

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You may be able to remove and install small engine valves by hand, but a valve spring compressor is inexpensive and pays for itself with the time it saves you.

small engine valve spring compressor

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Portable gas generators provide remote power for camping trips, picnics, hunting trips, etc. But it's most important job is supplying power during an emergency.

Champion 2000 watt inverter generator

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When power outages occur, a portable generator can be a life saver, but what if you don't have enough gasoline on hand? By installing a dual fuel conversion kit, you have the option of running your generator on either gas or propane.

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best tire for off road mini bike

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Like many people, I chose wood ramps over aluminum ramps for loading and unloading my pickup truck. They're less money, nearly as strong, and actually do less damage when moving them around.

inexpensive ramp kit for pickup truck

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remove stuck piston small engine

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A thin-framed bicycle was never designed to be propelled by anything other than feet. If you choose to motorize a bicycle, your best choice would be a heavy-framed cruiser or mountain bike with thick-spoke 26" wheels.

small engine resources

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When it comes to cleaning driveways and sidewalks, pressure washing can't be beat. It's also great for cleaning decks, stairways, and patios, as well as the exterior of your house.

small engine resources

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Plastic gas cans are small and light, and their affordability makes them popular. But plastic gas jugs can swell when subjected to extreme heat, and get brittle when it's very cold. Gas kept in metal containers withstand extreme weather better.

Waivian Jerry Can Review

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