Mini-Bike Projects

In the similar spirit as go karts, minibikes take motorized two-wheeling down to its most basic form. Old-school minibikes are not much more than a frame, two wheels, and a motor!

old school minibike

Best Engine For Minibike

Unlike a go kart, a mini-bike engine sits in a frame, not on it. So you will need to take into account the height and width when choosing an engine.

$200 Or Less Minibike Project

I see ads for cheap minibikes all the time. The fact that they don't run doesn't matter much - as long as there's a decent frame and wheels, everything else is easy to repair or replace, including the engine.

5 Reasons To Build A Minibike

minibike projects

Asking price for the minibike frame above was $100 (Summer 2020). Asking price for the minibike below was $150 (Summer 2020).

minibike project $200 or less

How Fast Can A Mini-Bike Go?

It's easy to modify a small engine, but be careful here, the tires and brake(s) were never designed to go much more than 20-25 MPH.

Minibikes are built for fun, not speed. If you really want to go faster, consider buying a motorcycle - you'll be safer and happier.


Vintage Mini-Bike Build

This is a 1973 Western Flyer, which I bought non-running.

diy mini bike build

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One of the more popular mini-bike manufacturers today is Coleman. Their entry-level bikes are powered by a 98cc (3 horsepower) engine, and their 200 series models feature a 196cc (6 horsepower) engine. Both are offered in several styles and finishes, with an endless list of add-ons and performance upgrades.

Coleman CT200U mini bike

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