Lawn Tractor Yard Cart Review

Having a lawn tractor cart is useful for hauling items around your property, such as dirt, mulch, debris, fertilizer, fire wood, etc. A cart with a dump-body is even more useful.

utility yard cart review

Types Of Yard Carts

There are four basic kinds of pull-behind yard carts - dump carts, utility wagons, foldable carts, and flatbeds. For occasional homeowner use, I've found that a two-wheel, light-duty dump cart is the most versatile.

Poly-Tub Dump Cart

Our dump cart has a poly-bed, which offers strength, durability, and longevity. The material resists cracking, is easy to clean, and cannot rust. Carts with plastic tubs are cheaper, but are prone to cracking.

poly bed dump cart review

When the dump feature is needed, there is a spring-loaded lift handle on the tub. Lifting the handle releases the catch, letting the tub tilt back for easy loading and unloading.

Yard Cart Wheels and Tires

Generally speaking, larger tires roll more easily than smaller tires, and allow you to carry more weight easily.

utility yard cart review

This cart has a 300-pound load capacity and features tubed 15" turf-tread tires on metal rims. Pneumatic tires provide a cushion across rough terrain and provide better traction.

Yard cart hookup is easy; pull the cart up to the back of the lawn tractor and attach with a drop pin.

utility yard cart review

After-Storm Cleanup

A recent summer storm left branches and leaves all over the front yard. The next day was spent putting everything into the yard cart, then dumping into the wooded area behind the house.

utility yard cart review

The pull-behind cart made this chore quick and easy!

utility yard cart review

Sometimes I just use the cart as a wheelbarrow.

utility yard cart review

Yard Cart Storage

When not in use, the dump cart stays outside, perched up against a pine tree.

utility yard cart review

This prevents it from getting filled with rain water, or becoming a nest for unwanted animals.


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utility yard cart review

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