Coleman Mini-Bike Review

Although originally intended for younger riders, Coleman mini-bikes also appeal to fun-loving adults. The entry-level bikes (100 series) are powered by a 98cc engine, and the 200 series have a 196cc engine. Both are available in several styles and finishes.

Coleman CT200U mini bike

Coleman CT100/CT100U-B

The Coleman CT100U-B features a 98cc engine which produces three horsepower.

Power to the rear wheel is done through a centrifugal clutch. Braking is a single rear disc (earlier versions have a drum brake).

Coleman ct100 vs ct200

Coleman CT100 Specs


Coleman CT100 vs CT200

The manufacturer puts the maximum weight capacity of the CT100U at 150 pounds, so if you weigh more than that, expect difficulty getting up hills and inclines. Of course, you could swap a bigger motor, but why not start out with a more powerful model?

The 98cc bikes are best suited for smaller riders. Both bikes have the same physical dimensions, but the 200u and it's variants have twice the power (6hp vs 3hp) plus a higher weight capacity (220 pounds vs 150 pounds).



Coleman CT200U and CT200U-EX mini bikes were designed in the U.S. with parts made in China. The engines, produced by Hisun Motors Corporation, have proven to be reliable. The CT200U has a centrifugal clutch, the more expensive models feature a torque converter.

Coleman CT200U mini bike review

CT200 Series

The standard gas tank holds 0.95 US gallons, later models will hold 1.1 US gallons. Engine-starting is done with a recoil pull starter and the ignition is TCI (transistor controlled igniter). There is no battery. The placement of choke lever, throttle linkage, and gas shut-off are well thought out and easily accessible.


With front suspension and a headlight, the Coleman CT200U EX can be ridden for longer distances more comfortably. A torque converter provides power to the rear wheel, and fenders and gas tank get the cammo treatment. The gas tank has a hinged lid for utility storage.

Coleman CT200EX mini bike

The engine flywheel serves as the charging system and powers the light.


Finished in Tac Black, the CT200U-EX V also features front shock suspension, a headlight, and gas tank storage. Power is emitted to the rear wheel through a centrifugal clutch with jack shaft. The rear brake is drum.


The 'BT' stands for 'Big Tube' frame. By increasing weight, ride stability and weight capacity are also increased. Overall weight (138 pounds) is slightly more than other models, which also allows a greater weight capacity of 220 pounds.

Coleman BT200X mini bike

The BT200X features a clutch and jack shaft.


Also featuring front suspension and headlight is the Coleman RB200X. It has a weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Coleman RB200X mini bike

Some people call the BT200X a mini motorcycle!


Coleman Performance Upgrades

The two most common performance upgrades for the Coleman minibikes are exhaust headers and air filters.

Other Upgrades

Some owners have swapped the stock centrifugal clutch for a torque converter.

Coleman mini bike performance upgrades

NOTE: Changing engine parts will void the factory warranty.


Replacement Tires

From the factory, Coleman mini-bikes are equipped with 19x7.00-8 knobby tires. This is the standard tire size for BT200X, CT200U, and CT200U-EX models.

best tire for Coleman mini bike

Online reviews show that larger, 21x7x8 tires should fit without any problems, and perhaps handle a little better as well.

NOTE: On models without front forks, the tires are the suspension.

best tire for off road go kart

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