Briggs 5-HP Engine Build

Article by Mark Trotta

Produced for over 40 years, 5-horsepower Briggs & Stratton flatheads are so popular that there are racing classes based on this engine. Although 25+ years have passed since production ended, these little motors are still in demand.

rebuild 5hp Briggs flathead engine

All year 5hp Briggs are similar and many parts interchange. With the exception of engine tin (gas tank, air filter, blower housing) there is little difference between a 1960's model and a 1990's model.

rebuild 5hp Briggs engine

5HP Briggs Specs

The bore size, or the inside diameter of the cylinder, is 2-9/16 inches. The stroke, or the up-and-down distance the piston travels, is 2-7/16 inches. This makes a total engine displacement of 12.48 cubic inches, or 206cc.


5HP Briggs FunPower

The five-horse FunPower motor was offered for many years and found on dozens of recreational vehicles. They are a common sight on many go-karts from the 70's and 80's.

This particular motor had been sitting for several years, and needed some work to get back to running condition.

Briggs 5 horsepower engine rebuild

Before spark or compression was checked, I removed the head to get a general condition of the engine. The piston and bore looked good, as did the cylinder walls. There were no scratches, gauges or wear ridge, but there was a small amount of carbon build up.

The top of the piston was carefully cleaned while it was on the compression stroke (furthest up). Then I rotated the crank, a little at a time, and cleaned the top of each valve when in they were in the closed position.

Briggs 5 engine specs

After seeing that the motor was in good shape internally, I went ahead and ordered an engine gasket set. Before re-installing the head, I cleaned the head bolts and replaced the head gasket.


Check For Spark

There's several ways to test for spark on a small engine. I find this Briggs & Stratton spark tester easy to use. Clip one end of the spark tester to the spark plug wire and the other clips onto a ground (usually cylinder head).

Briggs spark tester 19368

With points ignition, it takes very little RPM (about 350) to produce spark. This is easily done by pulling the rope start. As the flywheel turns, watch for spark in the clear circle on the tester tool.

If you see a spark, your ignition is working properly.


Carburetor Rebuild

Before removal, I took several pictures of the carb linkage, because it's pretty hard to remember where it all goes back.

The carburetor was disassembled, soaked in parts cleaner, then cleaned and air-dried. For reassembly, a new carb rebuild kit was purchased, which basically consists of a diaphragm and a several gaskets.

Briggs PulsaJet carburetor

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Before the carb was reinstalled, the inside of the gas tank was flushed with kerosene several times. The tank was then repainted black.


These rubber grommets are a common source of vacuum leaks. Replace them if they're old.

Briggs grommets 692187 692189

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Use Proper Oil

Small engines require oil specifically designed for air-cooled equipment. Most automotive oils manufactured after 2009 do not meet these specifications. This results in higher operating temperatures and reduced engine life.

best oil for small engines


Engine Start-Up

As a precaution, I flushed the engine with thin motor oil, then added fresh oil and a new spark plug. After 10 to 15 pulls, it started up.

rebuild 5hp Briggs engine


Briggs Air Filter

Briggs flathead air filter 491588

If you're replacing the 5-1/4" x 4-1/2" panel air filter, it's part # 491588 or 491588s. You can buy one here.


Engine Mounting

For most applications, all that's needed to mount an old Briggs flathead is four 5/16" bolts with washers and lock nuts.

mounting hardware for Briggs flathead motor

Caution: Most 5hp Briggs flatheads have an aluminum mounting base. If you over-tighten the mounting nuts and bolts you can crack the ears off.


Briggs Engine Identification

On the blower housing you should find a tag or decal. Later models have numbers stamped into them. This will give you the model, type, and code numbers.

vintage Briggs and Stratton indentification

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Blower Housing Interchange

Since blower housing covers are easily swapped from engine to engine, you don't really know what you have until you take the cover off and look. You also don't know if the engine has had any modifications, so opening it up helps solve any mysteries.


Getting More Power Out Of A Briggs 5HP Motor

Although newer OHV engines outperform the Briggs flathead, there's still plenty of performance parts available for these classic small engines!

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Briggs 5hp exhaust

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