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Do you have an old non-running lawn mower that's become another yard ornament? Or maybe there's an old tractor parked in the woods that has become a rust bucket? Before scrapping, consider fixing them, or giving the motor a 'second life'.

Briggs Stratton 5 horsepower flathead engine

Horizontal vs Vertical Shaft

Horizontal-shaft motors are more commonly sought after, but a cheap (or free) vertical-shaft engine can often be used for parts and "experimenting".

Buying A Used Small Engine

You can buy a brand new small engine for less than $200 dollars, but look around and you can probably find a used running engine for half the cost. Check the internet for local markets, small engine repair shops, or any place that fixes lawn mowers.

Small Engine For Free

Over the years, I've been given several free motors. Sometimes it's an engine that ran low on oil, or ran out of oil and seized up. As long as the case isn't cracked, it's at least good for parts (and practice).

small engines big fun


This vintage Tecumseh engine sat outside in the elements for years.

restore vintage small engine

Restored and back to it's former glory!

old school go kart project


This website is dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of small gas engines, whether it's the one that powers your go kart, minibike, snowmobile, lawn mower, chainsaw, or whatever small engine project you're dreaming up!


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