19x7x8 Tire Review

For riding on pavement, around grassy property, or occasional off-roading, an all-terrain or 'sport' ATV tire is recommended. But if you'll be riding on muddy trails or soft dirt, you'll need something more aggressive. This article reviews 19/7.00-8" tires commonly found on mini bikes, ATV's, quads, and go karts.

best tire for off road go kart

Off-Road vs Mud Tires

For woods and (hard-packed) trail riding, off-road tires are a good choice. They are suited for non-paved surfaces, such as dirt and gravel paths. For riding on sand or snow, a mud tire is recommended.

Mud tires are slightly more aggressive than all-terrain tires. They're best for soft trails and mud, and feature longer lugs, with 1" to 2" of tread depth.

Off-Road Tire Choices

In the less-expensive brands of off-road tires, the Wanda Sport features four-ply nylon construction which helps resist punctures and abrasions. It carries a load/speed index of 28J and is designed to hold 220 pounds of weight per tire.

Wanda Sport ATV Tires 19x7-8 10038 for off road go kart

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The Wanda Sport features additional shoulder lugs, which help protect the rim and sidewall.

Carlisle Trail Wolf

The Trail Wolf by Carlisle is a great-looking tire with an aggressive tread and classic style.

best tire for ATV off road kart

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The Carlisle Trail Wolf is manufactured in United States.

SunF A021 TT

The SunF A021 TT is a sport ATV tire with directional "V" angled tread design. It works equally well in hard pack, turf or paved asphalt road.

Pair of 2 SunF A021 TT Sport ATV UTV Dirt Flat Track Tires 19x7x8

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The A021 is a good replacement tire for your quad ATV, off-road kart, or mini-bike. A six-ply construction helps resist punctures and abrasions.

Extra shoulder knobs provide rim and sidewall protection.

MUD - SunF Power II

SunF 19x7-8 POWER II off-road tires feature aggressive shoulder knobs that provide side bite and traction, as well as add protection to the rim and sidewall.

SunF Dirt Tires 19x7x8

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Installation Notes

All 19x7x8 tires are designed to fit on 8" diameter rims, which have a rim width of 5.5 inches. Generally, ATV tires are tubeless, although a tube can be installed if a slow leak cannot be found or repaired.

Although six-ply tires are stiffer than four ply tires, they can still be mounted by hand.

CAUTION: Cheap mini tire changers are very light duty! The HF tool I bought bent with the first use.


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